Which Machine Do I Need? CPAP? APAP? BiPAP? BiPAP ASV?

By Anne – Registered Polysomnographic Technologist

Whether you’re new to CPAP or had been the usage of one for two decades, navigating which machine is excellent for you may be intimidating. In this article we are able to assessment the different modes of the machines and discuss how they work and why your doctor would possibly have prescribed one over some other.

The choice for which system kind you require in the long run is in your doctor’s arms as the prescription you have will imply the machine you need to effectively deal with your sleep apnea.

Before we proceed, you can want to observe this brief video to help you examine and recognize your CPAP prescription:

The Difference Between CPAP and APAP (Auto CPAP)
One of the maximum not unusual things humans want to recognize approximately CPAP is the distinction between specific sorts of machines. Let us start with the important thing variations among manual and automatic CPAP (CPAP vs APAP).

We’ll provide you with an example of each and give an explanation for how every works.

The Fixed Pressure CPAP
Examples: The DreamStation CPAP Pro or the AirSense 10 Elite

Example Prescription:

CPAP: 9cmH2O
Manual CPAP is the most basic of the CPAP machines. However, there’s a piece extra worried within the system to use it.

Manual (or constant-pressure) machines blow at one pressure all night time. They may have a ramp feature to start off a bit decrease at the very beginning of the night that lasts for as much as 45 mins, however past that, the pressure does no longer change at all.

Typically, having a prescription for a hard and fast stress bilevel positive airway pressure includes both a diagnostic sleep study and a titration CPAP look at to decide your therapeutic pressure – the stress at which all or maximum of your apneas are efficaciously treated. Many medical doctors will forego the titration examine in want of the auto CPAP which we can discuss inside the next phase.

As with whatever, there are execs and cons to each type of system, and those execs and cons will range depending on the character the use of it. One advantage for this sort of device is that it has a tendency to be the cheapest.

One disadvantage of this device is that it’s going to now not reply to any apneas you have got, nor will it alter the pressure in reaction to sleep state or position adjustments.

The Automatically Adjusting CPAP
Examples: The DreamStation Auto or the AirSense 10 Auto

Example Prescription:

APAP: 5-14cmH2O
Auto CPAP is by a ways the maximum common sort of system prescribed through medical doctors in recent times. Like the constant strain CPAP, it blows at one consistent pressure. However, that pressure will shift all through the night to house distinct pressure necessities for sleep degree or sleep role.

The pressure generally starts offevolved low, regularly notably beneath the usual healing strain. This reduced stress permits the affected person to fall asleep with no trouble.

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